Kickboxing is martial art that incorporates several different striking and standing up fighting styles. Though the term kickboxing was specifically initiated in Japan and evolved from full contact karate, its history and roots are in many ways tied to the Thailand martial art of Muay Thai Boxing as well.


With the vast history and roots that Kickboxing has, Kickboxing utilizes various kicks, punches, elbow strikes, headbutts and knee strikes.


Ju Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) (also known as Gracie Jiu Jitsu) is a martial art that uses a self defense system focusing on leverage techniques and ground fighting.


In the 1920's Master Mitsuyo Maeda, a renowned Japanese judōka (Judo expert), came to Brazil who then later agreed to train Carlos Gracie the fundamentals of his art. From this Carlos and his brother Helio Gracie developed the art into the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we know today.


BJJ promotes the concept that a smaller and weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger, stronger opponent by utilizing natural body movements, timing, leverage and proper techniques, taking the fight to the ground and then further applying submission techniques (most commonly choke holds or joint-locks) to finish the fight.


The Gracie Family have demonstrated their styles effectiveness against all styles martial artists and figthers of all types, from the original Gracie Challenge all of the way to the UFC.


M.M.A. (Mixed Martial Arts)

Mixed martial arts (M.M.A.), is a full contact combat sport that takes combines all types of Martial Arts together. Allowing the use of both striking and grappling techniques, both standing and on the ground.


The roots of modern mixed martial arts can be traced back to the ancient Olympics, where one of the earliest documented systems of codified full range unarmed combat was in the sport of pankration. Various mixed style contests took place throughout Europe, Japan and the Pacific Rim during the early 1900s. The combat sport of vale tudo that had developed in Brazil from the 1920s was brought to the United States by the Gracie family in 1993 with the founding of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).


The more dangerous vale-tudo-style bouts of the early UFCs were made safer with the implementation of additional rules, leading to the popular regulated form of MMA seen today. Originally promoted as a competition with the intention of finding the most effective martial arts for real unarmed combat situations, competitors were pitted against one another with minimal rules. Later, fighters employed multiple martial arts into their style while promoters adopted additional rules aimed at increasing safety for competitors and to promote mainstream acceptance of the sport




Boxing is a combat sport in which two people engage in a contest of strength, speed, reflexes, endurance, and will by throwing punches against another opponent

Ladies Only

Exercise in the company of other women only, with a female instructor. Our ladies only exercise classes will get you fit as well as teaching you the best way to work out in a safe manner.


Ranging from cardio work to basic kickboxing techniques and pad/bag work, it's a fun and supportive environment with women of all ages, shapes and sizes getting fit and feeling great!


Personal Training/Private Classes

Personal sessions are a great way to train for many different goals, whether to train for a fight or simply get fit.


It suits multiple styles of people, from the person who has an upcoming fight who needs to be pushed that litte extra further to the person who feels intimidated stepping into a gym or who needs more guidance in their training.


Our personal sessions will be tailor made to the individual.


You do not have to train alone either, if you have a group of individuals that wish to train privately this can also be tailored for.


For more information regarding personal sessions, please come in and speak to us, as these will have to be arranged with an instructor to specify a time to suit you and the instructor.


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